Our vision is to create a world where no one struggles alone! Beneath The Skin provides mentoring to young adults struggling with mental health. When people think of how to improve mental health, they often think of medication, exercise, therapy, etc. However, there is a whole other dimension that is often overlooked: feelings of isolation and loneliness while struggling with mental health. . Now more than ever, young adults are more likely to report feelings of loneliness. In the age of social media, those feelings are perpetuated by disingenuous connection. . That’s why we provide a hand-picked peer mentor that is close to the mentee in age, location, and interests. Our mentors and mentees are matched for one year where they are required to meet face to face or over Skype or FaceTime once a month depending on which program they are in. The mentor’s job is to accept and support the mentee consistently and without reserve. . Our mentors are not therapists, doctors, or authority figures; they are simply a support system to walk side by side with the mentee on their journey to overcome whatever they are facing. Learn More »

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